On the JacobStraps handmade watch straps website, you will get more than just handmade leather straps, you will get extra quality for your watches and new sensations on your wrist. JacobStraps handcrafted products are made with top quality materials, handmade one by one, using ancient tanning techniques, in order to get an optimal raw material to make unique leather straps and other leather products that give satisfaction and pride to their future owners.

You can find care tips for your handmade leather straps, how to treat them to get a certain impermeability and that your straps always look new and shiny as the first day you received them, because remember that leather straps are similar to a living being as they have pores, you have to take care of them and treat them with natural products and waxes in order to give them a long life and make sure they always have an optimal appearance.

All the exotic leathers (alligator, hornback, python...) used by Jacobstraps have their CITES certification and are, like the other leathers used, of the highest quality, obtained after a laborious and careful search for material in order to offer the best handmade leather straps, at the best possible price and with the certainty that they will accompany you for years maintaining their characteristics and obtaining that patina of use that only a quality product can achieve.

If you have any questions or suggestions about my products, please do not hesitate to let me know, come in and enjoy the quality in handmade leather straps.

Receive a warm greeting from Jacobstraps!